Ratings and achievements
Komus is No. 1
in the rating of companies which are part of the Russian industry of stationery and office goods (in accordance with the Kanzoboz.ru website).

Komus’ annual turnover exceeds that of its closest competitors by several times.
Komus online store is part of
Top 30 of the largest online stores of the Russian web segment
In accordance with the Datainsight.ru analytics agency
No. 114
In the Forbes rating of 200 largest private companies of Russia of 2021.
No. 46
In the rating of the best employers in Russia of 2020 in accordance with HeadHunter.
30% of rigid plastic packaging sold in Russia
Is manufactured by the Komus Packaging Division. This division also carries out export shipments to the countries of the CIS and Eastern Europe
About 17% of receipt tape
Used in Russia is manufactured by Komus
4 own contact centers
With more than 800 operators
35 000 shipment orders
On average are processed by Komus’ drivers and forwarding agents in one day
107 stores
Are part of Komus’ retail chain
9 logistics centers
Supply goods to customers throughout Russia